Primary Maths Tutors

In our private Maths tuition, we aim to target a child’s specific needs by identifying gaps in their learning. During Maths sessions, we focus on a particular aspect of the National Curriculum and enable the child to build on their fluency of that mathematical concept, and then further their understanding with reasoning and mastery questions.

As tutors with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), we understand what is expected of the children and therefore plan our sessions accordingly. Our tasks are differentiated in order to ensure that the needs of each child are met, and where appropriate we provide challenges for children working above their current school level.

Our Maths tutors will help your child:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions, Percentages and Decimals
  • Time –  using a digital and analogue clock
  • Money – its everyday use and calculating change

KS1 Maths Tutors 

Core skills taught in Key Stage 1 Maths include an introduction to basic mathematics; such as numeracy and arithmetic. We will help the development of a child’s learning, aiming for them to work with more confidence and autonomy. If you feel your child could benefit from additional maths tuition in a classroom, online or one-to-one basis to improve their skills, our private tutors can nurture them through areas of difficulty.

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KS2 Maths Tutors 

In Key Stage 2 maths, the National Curriculum teaches pupils to build on the foundation skills learned at KS1 and encourages confidence and independence in their work. Do you feel your child may have fallen behind in maths at school? This could be the ideal opportunity to enroll them in additional classes with our private maths tutors. If you or your child are feeling apprehensive about an upcoming SATs test then we can also help, with focused lessons specially designed for your child, in order to alleviate exam stress. See how our private tutors – all qualified teachers – can enhance your child’s learning at this level.

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11+ Maths Tutors 

At Teachers That Tutor, your child will not only benefit from National Curriculum mathematics lessons tailor-made for their level of understanding, but also have them taught by qualified teachers. We feel this is what makes us stand out from other private tutor agencies. This is vital at a stage such as preparing for an 11+ exam as our tutors have the experience and knowledge to prepare pupils according to the National Curriculum.

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Learn from Our Maths Tutors Online or in Class

Teachers That Tutor offer flexible private tuition; either in physical classes, online or one-to-one in person (dependent on restrictions). This means if our classroom in Northolt is not conveniently located, you can still take advantage of our online private English tuition or home visits service. 

Meet your Maths Tutors

All of our lessons are carried out by tutors with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our private Maths tutors are Charles Cory and Rhiannon Finlay. 

If you are interested in any of our tutors or would like to book a session, please enquire below: