Primary Maths Tutors for Key Stage 1

Being qualified teachers specialising in Maths, we have the expertise and knowledge of the National Curriculum to know what is required of pupils. This allows us to identify any gaps in a child’s learning and provide a tailored lesson plan to develop their learning. 


As a core subject, a good understanding of maths is crucial for a child at any level. Key Stage 1 is the ideal time to think about bringing a private maths tutor on board, to enhance your child’s skills and prevent them falling behind in their primary years. With Teachers That Tutor, you can be assured your child will have hands-on care from a fully qualified teacher.


Online Primary Tutors specialising in Maths KS1

We run Key Stage 1 Maths sessions at the convenience of you and your child. Due to the current circumstances regarding Covid-19, all lessons currently take place online over Google Meet or Zoom. The benefits of an online maths tutor not only save you travel to and from lessons, but we can also provide a recording of each session for you and your child to watch back. 

Feedback for each session will also be provided from a tutor with qualified teacher status (QTS).




Aspects of KS1 Maths our private tutors can help with:

  • Numeracy skills – basic fractions, place value and multiplication
  • Measurement – basic time and money
  • Statistics – tally charts, basic graphs etc.
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving


Meet your KS1 Maths Tutors 

All of our lessons are carried out by tutors with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our Primary Maths tutors are Charles Cory and Rhiannon Finlay.


Interested in primary Maths tuition? Leave us a message below: